2022 Year of the Tiger New Year Gift Box

2022 Year of the Tiger New Year Gift Box

2022 is the year of Renyin Tiger, what gifts do you think of when you mention tigers? Tiger shoes, tiger hats, tiger pillows, tiger dolls, etc. Although these traditional small gifts are beautiful, they are not “fun” enough.

Today I present to you the second bullet of the Year of the Tiger New Year Gift Box:

The gift box is good-looking and fun, and the game console-style scroll wheel control helps you receive good luck again and again~

Included products:

Limited doll toy, Kungogo loves to interpret the tiger and the tiger~

Beautifully illustrated desk calendar, every day is different and exciting!

New Year food gift pack, dried meat/nuts/chocolate/coffee/tea, a variety of delicacies to match!

With this year’s Spring Festival gift boxes coming out of “cage”

If you are still struggling with the New Year’s gift plan, you can start contacting us now!

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