Sunscreen product packaging design

Sunscreen product packaging design DR. BELMEUR UV DERMA sun care, the overall packaging design of this gentle mineral sunscreen is very clear and intuitive. The yellow and white box cover design is like the blue sky and white clouds, beach umbrellas and other contextual symbolic element design, which makes people understand the properties of the … Read more

Gift box set packaging design sharing

Gift box set packaging design sharing This is the brand launch product packaging set of “Your Life Is Here”, a rest-like lifestyle item. Inside the product package it contains a hat and a T-shirt and is the first product to be launched. Taking into account the brand characteristics of casual life wear, the design of … Read more

Creative Wafer Packaging Design sharing

Creative Wafer Packaging Design sharing Miyabi Monaka wafer product packaging design adopts abstract artistic expression to carry out overall product creativity. The internal structure of the packaged products focuses on how to plan the rhythm and rhythm of the series of products, which is also the tonality that the refined product experience brings to our … Read more

What packaging impressed you?

What packaging impressed you? This question is very interesting. In addition to all kinds of gorgeous packaging displays, we can see why packaging is so important. Consumers value packaging, in fact, our traditional culture has been confirmed a long time ago. The most famous story should be about getting the socket and returning the Pearl … Read more

How to embody humanization in packaging design?

American designer pross said: “people always think that design has three dimensions: aesthetics, technology and economy. However, more importantly, the fourth dimension: human nature.” The product packaging is good-looking. That’s called having personality. If you think what consumers think of , that’s called having humanity. Good looking is important, but humanized design can arouse consumers’ … Read more

How important is product packaging design?

How important is product packaging design? Let’s briefly introduce the importance of product packaging Summary of the importance of product design : 1.Explain information to let people know what they are buying。 2.Have a unique or outstanding flash point, so that the product can stand out from the similar competitive products。3.As a part of brand identification, … Read more

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