Case-Women’s Glory Time design

Case-Women’s Glory Time design

Women’s Glory Time is a newly created postpartum rehabilitation center.

The brand-new visual image is derived from the concept of a woman’s glory time. She is a mother for the first time, from the change of the external body to the change of the internal mentality and emotion; from the multiple roles to the balance of the female self; this kind of experience is not only for the woman herself or the family, It is a glorious time in a lifetime, and it is worth interpreting every role in life with heart.

Orange pink is used in the choice of color system, which is the color system of warm and happy life. This color system highlights a tranquility and indifference in the cold equipment, and welcomes the new identity with such a gift full of love. In the beginning, maternal love is great and continuous.

At the same time, the brand image is extended from the logo to match the image of different scenes 12 weeks after delivery to match the postpartum repair products.

In this way, the brand value of Yuezi Center is presented in my heart at once~Have you learned it?

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