Children’s Brand Design | Brand Planning Ideas Sharing

Children’s Brand Design | Brand Planning Ideas Sharing

Brand planning has become an important part of the education field. In order to give full play to the children’s field, many children’s education companies are striving to create brand characteristics, improve the brand through planning and design, and deepen the influence on children’s brands. Some related derivative products will also give the brand itself. Bring a lot of communication

?Children’s brands need the strong emotions of color, which can arouse children’s feelings. How to set up a children’s education brand?

1. Product goals and design positioning

First, we refined two core keywords for the product: children, education, and then we investigated the visual characteristics of the product related to this, as the basis for brand style shaping, so that the current design trend can be brought into the new brand more efficiently.

2. Differentiation: the core and potential demands of the user group

While meeting the core demands of “children’s fun” determined by the nature of the product, and at the same time paying more attention to the potential needs of the parents of the core consumer groups for product content and packaging quality, through in-depth insights into the user group, mining and summarizing the key brand upgrade system, refining And retain the core brand elements, upgrade the brand language from the details.

3. Design status

The original brand category lacked visual vitality and systematicness. We took the brand identification element as the starting point, and subtracted and optimized its details. The purpose was to preserve the brand memory and symbolize the current modern design aesthetics.

4. Refine basic identification

A bright, colourful and action-packed visual language is an integral brand feature of children’s products. This time the upgrade focuses on de-complication and simplification, trying to interpret the new image, logo, color, icon and font with a more geometric, pure and bright design technique.

5. Brand color

We keep red, yellow and blue as the main colors of the brand. We hope to give children a sense of color, starting from the original three primary colors. We hope to follow the three-color memory rule, provide the most comfortable memory value, and easily obtain children and parents. Brand awareness and visual favor.


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