How important is product packaging design?

How important is product packaging design?

Let’s briefly introduce the importance of product packaging

Summary of the importance of product design :

1.Explain information to let people know what they are buying。

2.Have a unique or outstanding flash point, so that the product can stand out from the similar competitive products。3.As a part of brand identification, product packaging should also bear the part of brand image.

Take it apart and say the first item in detail: The expression of basic information is easy to understand. Its essence is to let consumers know what the function of your product is? What consumer needs can be met.

This is not difficult, but sometimes from some angles, some beautiful product packaging that meets the requirements of aesthetic design may not be excellent product packaging. Because the information is unknown, or consumers mistakenly think it is another product. such as this product, what do you think it is?

It looks very interesting. It simulates sliced cucumber, which is a bit like an aromatic candle. Cucumbers also make us to think about something.

And the white turnip series

Its packaging is really innovative, but it actually sells condoms.

We will applaud such interesting and innovative designs in textbooks or magazines. But when you imagine such a scene: when shopping in the supermarket, people may not be very interesting to stay in the area where they buy condoms for a long time. Sometimes they even don’t look at it. They rush to take it and pay for it. If this condom is placed in such an area, it must be easy to misunderstand according to the usual shopping habits. Either nobody cares, or it is bought for the wrong purpose.

Of course, if a general version, a network sales version.this as a gimmick, that is also great .

In fact, the main purpose of product packaging is to guide people’s shopping choices. In most cases, it is still necessary to meet people’s expectations. For example, when you see the white Tetra Pak carton, you know that it is milk and the large expansion bag is French fries. If the two are reversed, it will cause misunderstanding.

Second, stand out:This is based on the clear expression of information. For example, the packaging of some products is more aesthetic, simpler, or can stand out the characteristics of products.

Like two brands of potato chips

The packaging properties of the product itself are similar.

Is the Copico fans here? In fact, both designs are similar, but the color matching of the following one is better, and above one , there is a star effect on it  . In terms of pure beauty, the color matching above is worse.

In contrast, neither of them is good enough to make a particularly eye-catching design.

This is definitely a clean stream in spicy strips.

Third, not only functionality and beauty are important, but brand association is more important, especially in this era of consumption upgrading.

Product packaging, as a part of the elements of brand recognition, will lead consumers to think and associate with the brand, and influence the subsequent purchase or even the purchase of other products under the brand. In fact, as consumers, we should also know that this trend is coming. Many products are no longer purchased for their functions, but for the style and feeling, which is the association brought by brands. Once the style and the atmosphere of the story are successfully shaped, the price of the product will also have an impact.

Let’s take a simple example, such as Dove chocolate

Its packaging is consistent with the positioning of “Indulge in silky” from the perspective of product taste.

Ferrero creates a sense of history, a golden classic. Mr. Ferrero started the brand after World War II. The golden package has a typical Italian luxury. This sense of luxury is very suitable for China’s high-end positioning. It was stolen by a domestic chocolate brand for a long time, and then taken back by Italy through a lawsuit. From the perspective of consumers, I am a Cantonese. This chocolate is not indispensable, but it sells very well during the Chinese New Year.

The design combined with the brand is not simple, it involves a set of visual symbol association.

Explain it with an example.

We can see the change of Budweiser beer by looking at the picture above. Under the condition that the general packaging form remains unchanged, many fine-tuning of visual elements actually have their own statements. The product transportation and functional description remain unchanged. In fact, it can be seen from the above figure that Budweiser has maintained the main color of blue, white and red for a long time. The trick is that these three colors are consistent with the color composition of the American flag, which can arouse the Patriotic Association of consumers.

However, this strategy cannot remain unchanged, and the product should be more prominent in the later stage. Therefore, the last mark of this version is the enhancement of Budweiser bow logo, and the blue is removed, so it is more focused on the product itself.

What I admire about Budweiser’s brand design strategy is that its main idea is to emphasize Budweiser’s concept and convey Budweiser’s unique brewing technology and high quality with a history of 135 years.

This strategy is still not about the functionality and taste of the product, but about historical inheritance.

The consistency between the packaging design and the brand is sometimes a very meticulous thing. It is easy to highlight the bow and but also easy to flatten, but it does appear more international, and the packaging of the bottle body is more concise, atmospheric and strong. The blue font reappears and the contrast is more obvious.

Pyramid visual structure is used to convey brand meaning and story. At the top of the package, the text that explains the meaning of the brand, now becomes the focus of the visual.

The process of packaging modification is very slow, which is also an expression of Budweiser’s care, caution and high attention to details when brewing beer.

After so much effort, another version came out.

This year’s new Budweiser cutting-edge cans were specially provided for the night in Guangdong. When the new design concept came out, the sun of big bang was invited to hold a press conference. Making a press conference for product packaging shows the importance of packaging. The bottles and cans themselves are elongated. Different from the previous traditional short can design, what you want to express is also a cutting-edge and avant-garde feeling. It is also very particular to modify the packaging with the atmosphere of the night. At the same time, taking this as an event news point, and then inviting spokesmen in line with the brand image to match, we have completed the concept expression of “cutting-edge and extraordinary self” of the whole Budweiser brand.

When seeing such packaging again, consumers will have more associations in their minds, and they will feel that beer itself is also a popular culture, so that the planting purpose of the brand in the hearts of consumers will be achieved. Next time, when you choose beer, maybe your subconscious first choice is it.

Of course, maybe you don’t see any difference in changing.

Well, I want to tell you that my design art museum specializes in studying these nuances, all kinds of fashions in all ages, all kinds of channels and all kinds of exploration, which are invested and promoted by a group of people.

To sum up, the importance of product packaging is probably so simple. It is integrated with the brand image of the product in general. As for quantifying importance, the final Budweiser design cost several million dollars. The bigger the enterprise, the more attention it pays to these details.

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