How to embody humanization in packaging design?

American designer pross said: “people always think that design has three dimensions: aesthetics, technology and economy. However, more importantly, the fourth dimension: human nature.”

The product packaging is good-looking. That’s called having personality. If you think what consumers think of , that’s called having humanity.

Good looking is important, but humanized design can arouse consumers’ strong desire to buy.

Humanized design refers to the comprehensive analysis of people’s clothing, food, housing, transportation and all life and production activities according to people’s behavior habits, human physiological structure, human psychological situation and human way of thinking.

Doesn’t it sounds complicated? In fact, the design can be reflected from the aspects of packaging structure, packaging color, packaging materials, convenience and so on.

Humanization of packaging structure

Functionality always comes first in packaging design. No matter how the shape is designed, we should pay attention to the principle of simplicity. Designers should not blindly pursue novelty and novel modeling in design, so as to forget the basic requirements of packaging design.

Packaging structure design is a design based on the protection, convenience, reusability and other basic functions of packaging and the actual production conditions, and the specific consideration of the external and internal structure of packaging according to scientific principles.

An excellent structural design should take the effective protection of commodities as the primary function; Secondly, consider the convenience of use, carrying, display and shipment; We should also try our best to reuse and display the humanized function of the contents.

Humanization of packaging color

Color is an important factor to beautify and highlight products, and occupies an important position in packaging design.

The humanization of packaging color is also reflected in many aspects. It has the color use function for the purpose of highlighting the specific use value of goods, such as red for nourishing the body, blue for anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, green for pain and sedation, etc;

It has the function of color image to convey commodity characteristics, such as red and black for spicy food and blue-green for cool drinks;

It also has the function of distinguishing different price grades and different categories of goods in the series of products, as well as the marketing function and aesthetic function to stimulate consumers’ psychology.

However, the application of humanized color in packaging will not stay in the traditional understanding. For example, in the food industry, the traditional concept believes that more warm colors that are easy to produce appetite should be used for design, but for example, the color of “Quduoduo” food uses the blue used in traditional industrial packaging;

“Eclairs” food also uses purple, which is usually regarded as a color taboo. Purple is usually a female color, noble and romantic, in line with the public’s taste, and it is also the best choice for friends to give gifts.

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In the packaging design, different materials and structures are selected according to different commodities, consumer groups and the nature of commodities.

At present, especially carton packaging is the most widely used in various packaging materials. It is light and flexible, easy to manufacture, display, transportation, inventory and processing, and low price. It is widely used to protect all kinds of goods.

Convenient use and rational utilization

The so-called convenience means that the packaging design should make it convenient for consumers to open, carry, store and use.

For example, the “one banana a day” combination package packages bananas of different maturity and sells them in the order of maturity. In this way, as time goes by, bananas gradually turn ripe to ensure that each one can mature to “just right” when eating, making it more convenient for consumers to eat.

It’s always easy to dirty your hands when eating potato chips. Doritos, a brand of corn chips under Pepsi, has launched a “towel packaging” – a packaging bag made of towel material, which can be used to wipe your hands while eating corn chips.

These packaging designs touch the key points of consumers and solve the inconvenience of consumers.

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