Mid-Autumn Festival “New Ideas” Gifts

Mid-Autumn Festival “New Ideas” Gifts

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, are you ready for the gifts you want to give this year?

Today, I will share a classic gift box for Lele gifts, which will give you a little reference for you who have no clue.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is of course inseparable from admiring the moon and eating moon cakes. We chose to use the “rocket” as the modeling carrier to celebrate the successful launch of Shenzhou 12 this year to express our best wishes for the increasingly powerful manned spaceflight technology of the motherland;

The box is painted with scenes such as “Children playing with flowers, Chang’e flying to the moon”, and it can become an elegant screen when fully unfolded;

There are six “snacks” bins inside, and there are six kinds of imitation fruit desserts with different flavors, which are delicious and unique in shape;

A small Lego model of the “one brother” astronaut is presented with the rocket, and it is more interesting to splicing it yourself;

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