Probiotic product packaging design

Probiotic product packaging design

Probiotic product packaging design|Leeikang

The core of consumer brands is to establish a unified product series and clear visual symbols. A good product symbol is the most effective way to reduce product sales.

1. Create core demands and establish cognitive advantages of new brands

In recent years, the hot probiotics track has caused a lot of capital to enter, and a large number of probiotics categories and brands have also been born. Traditional health care product brands such as “By-Health” have also extended their probiotic brand products. Relying on the potential energy of the brand, probiotic products have also rapidly opened up the market. The internet celebrity brand “WONDERLAB” quickly gained popularity with its brand of super small blue bottle, extending from meal replacement milkshakes to probiotics, etc., which has also attracted a lot of popularity in the market. If a mature brand or an internet celebrity brand wants to occupy a position in the market, the unique value of the brand becomes very important.

The core technical barrier of probiotics is the live bacteria content of probiotics, and the actual content of a large number of products with a content of over 10 billion CFUs on the market will be far lower than the content described in their packaging. However, a single (3g) piece of Leyikang leaves the factory with 100 billion CFU of live bacteria. It can be said that this product technology is far ahead in the industry, providing a solid foundation for the high-end positioning of Leyikang products. Therefore, when creating the industry’s leading products, it is necessary to establish a super symbol of the industry’s benchmark products.

2. Super visual symbol “777”

In the Bible, the number 7 means completeness and perfection. The future positioning of the Leyikang brand is the global market. In order to create a symbol recognized by the world, the main creative team of Tongdao and the internal executives of Leyikang have discussed many times and finally confirmed that the main visual The main creative element surrounding the “777” number symbol, and the number of live bacteria in a single (3g) probiotic is 100 billion CFU, and 77.7 billion as the product factory data is a very real data, and it is also a symbol of music. Market positioning of Yikang brand products.

The main visual symbol of “777” is perfectly presented in the product packaging after the creative team of the same road has continuously polished the visual symbols. Make the product have a very strong identification on the shelf, greatly improve the product’s discoverability, so as to gain more display advantages and sales conversion.

3. Visual temperament of brand products

Each mature brand has its own unique product style. The packaging style of Leyikang series products is dominated by white. Each product is designed in combination with its purple product characteristics. Conveying the knowledge and familiarity of a professional quality product to consumers, as a health care product, the quality of probiotics is the most concerned by consumers. In order to make the core symbol of Leyikang more valuable, the visual symbol of “777” is applied to the series of packaging of its different types of products, forming the classic symbol of Leyikang products, and finally becoming the core asset of the brand.


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