Gift Box

Recognizable – extreme color or extreme simplicity

The general gift box can be distinguished from the general product packaging, so the gift box with a sense of design can stand out from many products. As a gift, it not only expresses the dignity of the gift, but also reflects the identity of the gift. Therefore, gift packaging design should strive for high quality in terms of packaging structure and material, and the color should conform to the overall style of the enterprise and product, so that customers can recognize the brand of the product at a glance.

Gifts are mostly used for festivals, interpersonal communication, family visits and other occasions, so the packaging of gifts should be set according to the particularity and purpose of different gifts. However, under this premise, the overall planning and design must be combined with the product itself. After all, the design of the packaging is a good product itself, which does not meet the standard. Only excellent products and excellent design, combined with the company’s own brand and product positioning, can stand out from many competing products and achieve the brand effect of “1+1>2”.

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