Wallpaper Coffee Cup

① Light weight and anti-breakage. Compared with glass bottle cups, paper cups are lighter in weight and have no risk of breakage.

② It can be compounded with a variety of materials to improve the protection function. It can be combined with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent the deterioration and corruption of the contents.

③ Good shading performance, can better maintain the color, aroma and taste of the contents.

④ Easy to open and seal, easy to open and easy to restore.

⑤ Easy to dispose of waste and easy to recycle, which can save resources.


Wallpaper Coffee Cup – Commodity packaging began to appear in commodity transactions, and then quietly entered people’s lives.

It should be said that commodity packaging is the product of the common development of human material civilization and spiritual civilization. With the improvement of people’s living standards, it increasingly reflects its important value and changes its functional focus. That is to say, in addition to protecting commodities and facilitating transportation and storage, it is more important to promote commodity sales and meet people’s aesthetic psychological needs. Therefore, the first major function of commodity packaging is to promote sales. Only by promoting sales, product manufacturers and merchants can they find their own market.


Product Type: Paper Cups
Size: Custom sizes
USAGE: Perfect for business, home use, birthday, party, Christmas, wedding.
Material: Custom
Custom Printing Accept
MOQ: 10000pcs


Product Type: Gift Wrapping Paper
Size: Custom sizes
USAGE: For business, home use, birthday, party, Christmas, wedding.
Material: Customized material
Custom Printing Matt Lamination, Varnishing, Stamping, Embossing, Glossy Lamination, UV Coating, VANISHING, Gold Foil ect
Design: Customer’s Specific Requirement
Logo: Customer’s Logo
MOQ: 500-1000pcs


Q1. How to get samples?

A1:  Plz send an inquiry to our sales and with your sample request details.

Q2. What’s the sample charge?

A2:  Sample of our stock could be free.(1- 5pcs) And customized sample will collect sample fee, it will be refunded once confirm the order.(Used as deduction for payment)

Q3. How many days will be spent of the delivery?

A3:  The normal sample will be sent With the 7 working days.

Q4. How to ensure the correct rate of design?

A4:  Before placing the order, we will send you the design draft for confirmation in firstly, next to check the sample effect again, and then carry out to the mass production.

Q5. How to ensure the products quality?

A5:  Owing advanced equipment,The QC staff will be regularly checking the products in production and count the products in stock every day. Making sure that every items is qualified.

Q6.  What services can we provide?

A6:  Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDP,DDU,Express Delivery;

       Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,CNY;

       Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C;


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