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Tea Packaging Design|Creative Packaging Design

– Tea Packaging Ideas

– Cognition of light luxury culture

Tea occupies 70%-80% of the market share in China’s gift-giving market. Tea drinking has been a long-established way of health preservation in China since ancient times. Tea is more representative of culture and ceremonies. Most brands give tea a strong flavor. The oriental cultural color of the tea leaves a sense of distance between tea and the younger generation. In recent years, some brands are also popularizing the industry’s rejuvenation. It also hopes to integrate tea drinking culture and health preservation culture into public life.

TEATOUCH aims to give traditional tea a modern cultural cognition, so that more young people fall in love with Chinese tea. TEATOUCH makes a relaxed interaction between tea culture and our life in the form of modern illustrations, so that the brand culture can be easily recognized and experienced.

– Product consumption experience

The biggest feature of products in today’s consumer market is product homogeneity, and the core demand to get rid of homogenized competition has not only improved product quality, but modern technology allows most brands to maintain a certain level of product quality. The core of making a product break through the market is product packaging design and experience cognition. A good product is not how to design the product so high-end to experience the grade and culture of the product. Instead, it empowers the brand with excellent visual sense of design, and at the same time brings a good and convenient experience to consumers. While enjoying tea, it can show its strict selection of products and its recognition of the attributes of refined products.

– New eco-friendly texture

We have also been thinking with the brand side about the concept of launching products in the future, and what kind of product values should be used to meet the needs of consumption upgrades. Behind the consumption upgrades, we should not only stop at the high-end demand. Brands are thinking about how to make environmental protection awareness and product design innovation. for the perfect fusion. This time, our tea packaging design pursues the ultimate planning of the structure and material of the packaging design, how to design a paper-shaped product packaging without too much waste of cumbersome packaging materials.

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