Year of the Tiger red envelope design

Year of the Tiger red envelope design

Butterfly has the meaning of “Fu Die” because of the homophonic sound of butterfly and “blessing”. In order to express this beautiful meaning well, this “blessing” is also framed and placed in a picture frame combining Chinese and Western, and it will be preserved forever. New hope for the coming year.

In order to make the butterfly reborn in this picture, three processing forms are selected, namely hot stamping, logical light pattern (secondary corrosion), embossing, hot stamping and hot black to mimic tiger stripes. The logical light pattern corrodes the butterfly scales. Bone the veins of the butterfly’s wings, and process the printing into the alchemy of the butterfly.

As the frame of the red envelope, the Spring Doufang combines European architectural elements with coriander leaves and curly grass stripes, combined with oriental bats and traditional frescoes that symbolize wealth, to decorate the Spring Festival couplets, and use the three-dimensional origami structure to make the paper express the European style. The engraving level of the classical three-dimensional frame transforms the character “Spring” into the traditional Chinese calligraphy style. The variant is combined with pen writing strokes, and the continuous “Spring” character interprets the continuous coming of spring and the endless blessings.

The life course of a butterfly, eggs, larvae, pupa, and emergence, are like our life, like a year, the new year’s new hope is as small as an egg but grand, going through the four seasons of wind and rain competition

Finally, it will be able to feather and fly, and it will continue to be brilliant for the new students in the coming year.

The course of this year is still fresh in my memory, and the nutrients of previous years are stored and eternal,

Focus the cherished picture in the frame, choose the best frame, and keep the new hope for the coming year forever.


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